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The Wright Success

Crypto Strategy Workbook for Youth

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Grab the exclusive Crypto workbook that makes learning about Cryptocurrency simple and fun for youth! This unique and interactive guide has embedded clickable links for addition resources and allows youth to track their progress on the go with our worksheets. For ages 13-18 years-old.

It covers topics such as:
  • Intro to Crypto and the evolution of money
  • How to send/receive crypto
  • Your first 4 steps into Crypto
  • Crypto investing & trading worksheets and templates
  • Intro to NFT's, the Metaverse & much more!
  • This is an instant download and a hard copy mailed to you. Shipping is included.

Key Features:

  • Ebook interactive guide has embedded clickable links for addition resources
  • Includes access to exclusive training videos and step-by-step guides on Trading & NFT's
  • High quality and creditable content
  • Over 30 pages full of worksheet, guides and resources
  • Over 20 embedded links to resources, Crypto videos, and key Crypto platforms.